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Marketo form submission tracking

Super simple form submission tracking for Marketo.



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Easily track Marketo forms

Marketo is a popular service to add contact forms to your website but out of the box, tracking isn’t integrated. This is a quick solution to track and measure marketo form submissions. The following tracking services are supported:

  • Google Analytics
  • Facebook

When a form is submitted, a Google Analytics Goal and a Facebook conversion event will be automatically triggered. Our script is easy to setup and is automatically configured to work with your Google Analytics or Facebook accounts.

Google Analytics event structure

Category: [ Marketo form ]
Action: [ Submission ]
Label: The form id

You can import Google Analytics goals and transactions into Ads by linking your accounts.

Facebook conversion structure

A Facebook [ Contact ] event will be triggered with the form


The script will even work with multiple Marketo forms on the same page.

Licenced for use with a single domain

Installing this script is easy – all you have to do it copy our code snippet (which is a few lines of code) and paste it at the bottom of the body tag on the page. If you have a friendly developer, it’s a quick and simple job, or we can help.

Alternatively you can add the script via Google Tag Manager using ‘DOM ready’ as the trigger.

You’ll receive a link to your code snippet once you complete checkout.

Any questions, let us know.

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How many sites can I use a snippet on?

  • Each snippet is licensed for use on a single domain / sub-domain, if you’d like to use on more than one domain, add the right number of items to the basket

My script isn’t working – what should I do?

  • Your code snippet is linked to your domain, if you’ve updated the domain you’ll also need to update the snippet (and then clear your browser cache)
  • Make sure your domain is in the format ‘’ e.g. and not
  • Make sure your snippet is at the bottom of the <body> tag
  • Get in touch via the ‘Enquire’ tab and we’ll do our best to help