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Blackbaud Online Express form styling

Easily style Blackbaud Online Express forms to blend into your site



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Restyle Online Express to suit your site

If you use Online Express for your donation forms you might find it difficult to get the style of the form to blend in with your site. If this sounds familiar, you’ll really like our simple styling solution!

How it works

Once you install the code snippet, it will completely strip out all of Blackbaud’s stylesheets and remove them from the page, then it will pull in an ultra-simple styles which you can use as a starter to create a form which doesn’t look out of place on your site.

The image below shows how the default styling will look, it’s deliberately simple and designed to be a starter – you can updated the styles using simple CSS, and there won’t be any annoying conflicts with Blackbaud’s own styles.


If you have a friendly developer, they can choose to start completely from a clean slate – let us know and we’ll tweak your code snippet for you. If you’re using javascript to style any elements of the form, you can call them by adding an event listener to the ‘lfFormPreload’ event, which will trigger just before the form is shown (for example if you’d like to use a library like Select2 to style the drop down boxes).

Blackbaud Online Express form styling

Installing this script is easy – all you have to do it copy our code snippet (which is a few lines of code) and paste it at the bottom of the body tag on the page. If you have a friendly developer, it’s a quick and simple job, or we can help.

Alternatively you can add the script via Google Tag Manager using ‘DOM ready’ as the trigger.

You’ll receive a link to your code snippet once you complete checkout.

Any questions, let us know.

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How many sites can I use a snippet on?

  • Each snippet is licensed for use on a single domain / sub-domain, if you’d like to use on more than one domain, add the right number of items to the basket

My script isn’t working – what should I do?

  • Your code snippet is linked to your domain, if you’ve updated the domain you’ll also need to update the snippet (and then clear your browser cache)
  • Make sure your domain is in the format ‘’ e.g. and not
  • Make sure your snippet is at the bottom of the <body> tag
  • Get in touch via the ‘Enquire’ tab and we’ll do our best to help